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Imagination Revolution: Initiated!

I am very proud to announce that I officially published the first full episode of my new podcast, ‘Imagination Revolution: UBI’ today. I’m using Anchor, so it should have aggregated to all of your favourite podcast places on it’s own and you can listen to it, like it and rate it where ever you listen to talky talk shows.

The idea for this show is basically taking an abundance spin on the concept of Universal Basic Income. So often decision makers and media narratives about the concept of basic income are neoliberal in a way that seems to eternally steer the conversation back to the same boring questions and assumptions.

“How will we pay for that?” “You really think the state should pay people to be lazy?” “Who is going to do xyz/undesirable job if everyone gets basics covered?”

And honestly, these questions are lazy distractions. They stand in the way of participating in the personal and collective visioning and strategizing we need to move forward from here. So instead I have taken a different angle.

“What are the gifts and offerings you want to make to society? If you could wake up each day and do anything, what values inform your choices? Can you entertain what those choices might be? Can we afford as a society to continue being deprived of the gifts of those whose time and well being have been stolen by the economic expectations of this current capitalist hell scape? “

I think that there is a richness in asking people to share what comes up through the invitation to vision a life with just one, very viable, scientifically proven change in how our society arranges itself economically. It’s not an easy exercise, which we explore a bit in the first episode. There is a lot of survival capitalism embedded within our senses of self, our ambitions, our possibility generation potential, and our relationships to those around us. Getting to a place where we can vision and create a whole other world involves undoing layers and layers of gender, ability, race, class. So even though the show is about UBI, it’s also about the trauma of gendered socialization (CW: there is mention of infant circumcision in the first episode), about the way we learn things about ourselves and the world in unexpected ways and in surprising places, and how maybe everything we thought we knew might be up for more revision than anyone ever wanted us to know.

Welcoming Hope as my first guest was a pleasure, we always have really easy rich conversations and this is no exception. I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.

If you are interested in joining me for a recording session where we open up your imagination and investigate what sorts of futures may lie within send me an email. I can record in person if you are local; but with the technology of today, I can quite easily welcome guests from anywhere with an internet connection. I really believe this is one of those conversations that gets richer with more voices- if you have a voice you are willling to add, please be in touch.

And thank you of course to those of you who have signed up as a patron at patreon.com/koridoty . I’m not sponsored by any company or party or anyone to make this content, just the good people like you who want to see it exist. Thank you donut lovers!


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