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Upcoming Show & Tell Events!

I love building programming based on interest. One of the things that has been very cool about the Sex Toy Show & Tell Events so far, is that most of the ideas have come from folks who’ve shared their interests with me either at the events or in conversation about them. At the first Open Call Show & Tell the desires for a strap-on and butt stuff events were seeded and we shared a few of what might be considered “off-label” use toys. We had strap-on night last Friday, and we’ll be doing Butt Stuff for December. Tickets for that go on sale on November 30th, but you can sign up to be reminded on the Eventbrite listing:

Patrons on Patreon get a 10% off coupon code. You can become a patron at the donut hole, glazed, or cream filled levels to support the work I do.

In January, following all manner of gift giving holidays, sales cycles and new year, new you nonsense we will be joining for a New Year Show & Tell. Bring something you found under a tree or in a giant sock, won in a game, got on black Friday, boxing day score, or got in some other sort of whimsical magical winter ritual to show & tell. Since you have all this notice, you know the assignment. Make sure that you get or make yourself, or get someone to get or make you, a new something something to bring and show off in January (probably the 14th for those of you who’d like it in calendars early. )

In February, we will be meeting on the 11th, the Friday before a whole weekend surrounding valentines day. Love it or hate it, it can be a lot. This event is about the toys and tools that make you a good lay to yourself. This event will focus on solo toys, the ones you may be making your valentine this year. Partnered folks are welcome, but this event is really about putting the solo time up front. Whether you are the sort of person who prefers toys over other people all the time, or if learning to love yourself alone is a growth edge, consider this event the potential foil you may need to get through a weekend surrounded by hallmark pink tinted romantic dinners and inappropriate inquiries into “your future”. For many folks over the pandemic, toys have played a very important role in maintaining sexual well being, some vendors made note of the surge in sales with the onset of social distancing rules. Come in February to introduce us to those pandemic stay-at-home lovers, the little (or big I suppose…?) machines that keep you satisfied on long cold isolated winter nights. We will talk a bit about Mindful Erotic Practice and the ways we go about treating ourselves right and show & tell the toys we are weak in the knees for when no one’s around.

In March, as per a request (yes, you can make those…), we will be focusing on Off Label Toys and Tools. Things that you may find in a hardware store, kitchen supplies, grocery store etc. This is all about using things that aren’t specifically designed to be used in sex, in sex. It’s creativity and ingenuity. We will talk a bit about safety, and we will show & tell all about the things we love to get off with that were really meant for something else, but it works!…(or it doesn’t, those stories are always welcome at the show & tell too, it’s not just a show off, there’s also space for problems, questions, wonderings, “failures”, lessons learned and so on. )

Do you have a theme idea you want to see explored at the Sex Toy Show & Tell? Drop me a line, tell me about what you are interested in. And stay tuned for ticket drops for each of these upcoming events.

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