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Gifts that keep giving

Please join us this Friday for a special post-holidays Sex Toy Show & Tell.

Did you give or get something pretty and sexy this holiday season? Or maybe in a previous year?

In my family, my sister has been selling MLM products including vibes and lube for years, so whoever she got in the family gift exchange was probably unwrapping something with batteries. The holiday tradition of unwrapping something usually kept more private has held a gag tradition for many families and the thought of it is completely impossible to others.

This year, while some families chose to go ahead with plans and meet for what felt it might be the last time and others called it all off altogether while others tried ANOTHER family gathering a la brady bunch. Maybe you are glad you didn’t have to unwrap that new stainless steel number in front of your grandchildren, but now that you’ve had a chance to get to know it, you’d love to talk about it with other folks who are also passionate about things that go BUZZZZ in the night. I’ve been getting into making really pretty impact devices out of arbutus wood and hand crafted leather, I showed the one I made myself at last months BUTT themed event, but I made another bigger flogger as a gift, that I hope to brag about on Friday.

the little present I made myself for my sag season birthday

Join others in the innovative Topia platform, hosted their own private, digital world by sex nerd Kori Doty. This platform allows for direct video chat interaction with others, but also has a lot of space for self guided participation, you can come or go, explore links to cottage industry toy makers, dance or have a little card reading from an enchanted cabin.

the view from ‘in world’ in topia

Tickets were down for a couple of days in error, but they are back up and available for purchase. It’s recommended that you check out the Topia platform at least once before the event to familiarize yourself and make sure your tech is supported. It works best on a google chrome browser on a computer, and it can be bandwidth hungry, so it’s recommended that other tabs and programs are shut down before logging in.

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