Show & Tell is Back Tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening, please join us in Topia for this months Sex Toy Show & Tell. This months theme is one I have been really looking forward to for months and I hope you will join me is showing and telling all about the toys and tools that exist in the “OFF LABEL” category.

Can you walk through a hardware store or kitchen supplies without having creative ideas of how these things could be used in the bedroom*? I can’t and while I have been playing at this for years and years, I am still always pleasantly surprised to see and hear what other folks have come up with.

The category sometimes referred to as PERVERTABLES (as coined by Jaeleen Bennis, founder of BondassageTM) is a near infinite realm of toys and tools that may be fun in bed, but that weren’t created, sold or marketed with that intention.

This event is all about using things that aren’t specifically designed to be used in sex or kink, in sex and/or kink. It’s creativity and ingenuity. We will talk a bit about safety, and we will show & tell all about the things we love to get off with that were really meant for something else, but it works!…(or it doesn’t, those stories are always welcome at the show & tell too, it’s not just a show off, there’s also space for problems, questions, wonderings, “failures”, lessons learned and so on. )

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