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Show & Tell is getting Gendery- Ticket Sales Close at 8pm

Today is the last day to buy your tickets for this months’ Sex Toy Show & Tell which happens tomorrow evening.

The theme this time around is Toys and Tools of Gender Affirmation and I have had a lot of fun looking around at toys that have made their way onto “best of lists” targeted to trans and gender expansive individuals.

There is so much out there, and as is the case with toys and tools of this nature, what works for each individual is a totally unique thing that can sometimes be hard to predict and involve a big gamble when looking into trying something new. Lot’s of toys have a significant buy in, and part of the intention of the Show & Tell is to create a space where folks can talk to each other and crowd source information. I hope that through this opportunity folks can feel better prepared to try new things, and/or be affirmed and reminded that they have found things that work well for them and could be a resource for someone else with questions.

I made this little slide show to promote the event on IG, but wanted to share it here too.

Looking forward to showing & telling with folks tomorrow (Friday April 8th) where we will get into all of this and more. Remember to buy tickets today as the sale portal will close at 8pm tonight (24 hrs before the event.

I have found a number of great manufacturers and retailers through the process of researching for this event. You can check some of them out here:

https://venusenvy.ca/ (this store was a huge part of my personal coming of gender + sexuality and recently suffered a massive fire- ordering from them will help in their recovery)

https://sensuale.ca/ (this Calgary based store has rad approaches to access)

https://newyorktoycollective.com/?ref=5214 (this company has an affiliate program so if you order from them after clicking this link I will get a kickdown)

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