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July Show & Tell – Toys That Suck… in the best ways

July’s Show and Tell is taking a new turn and focusing on one specific type of toy. As one of the newest sort of categories of sex tech, air-pulse toys also called clit-suckers have really only been on the market for the last 12 or 15 years. Some on the market incorporate even newer technology, the bluetooth enabled apps that bring long distance lovers together, even while maintaining social distance. This whole space age realm of toys seems like it has a lot of parameters to consider, and especially at most devices sitting in the 100-150$ range, it’s not an easy experiment to just dive in and find what’s best for you. The idea with the show & tell is for real live pleasure seekers to connect with each other in a space where we share what we have learned along the way. It’s a place for questions and curiousity as well as juicy shares of delight and desire. We hope to pool our collective knowledge and curiousities into a crowd sourced educational and exploratory event.

Access Notes:

Video chat on Topia doesn’t have an option for Closed Captions, but hearing impaired folks are welcome to come and participate by typing in the chat as well as following along with the provided facilitator scripts that offer the framework and prompts to participate in this way.

Topia is best accessed from a computer, ideally using a chrome browser. Accessing from a phone or other browsers can offer a less functional option that may not include video feeds or full access to the features the world is programmed with. We always recommend giving the platform a test run before the night of the event.

Everything is an invitation. Participation in the event is very much what you make it, there are options in the layout of the space and the programming of the event to allow for people to take breaks for regulation, a mix of engagement styles and paces, your invitation to participate is open to accepting, rejecting or modifying to best suit yourself.


The Show & Tell is a chance for pleasure seekers, sex educators, and toy designers + sellers to come together- and share what we are coming for/with. Kori has been hosting these events monthly since fall 2021; each month exploring different types of toys and tools.

The event is hosted in Topia, which is a social engagement platform where attendees can see and hear each other over video chat, but also have the opportunity to “move throughout the space”, allowing a more organic flow between conversations. It requires a browser (chrome preferably, but firefox beta is now in use), headphones and a webcam. Test running topia before the event is recommended to make sure your technology is compatible. Some folks have noted that this platform can be very demanding and it is recommended to close all other apps, tabs and windows before booting it up as well as ensuring that your computer is in good working order.

This space offers an opportunity to come and learn from others about toys & tools you may be curious about, and bring your own favourites to show + tell about. Vendors are welcome to share product and make connections with potential future clients, but this is not a sales expo, it is primarily for educational and community building purposes. This is a space to bring your questions, and crowd source information and experience from a community of sex – positive individuals. (what is sex – positive? I see it as a way of understanding sex and sexuality as morally neutral, innate and divinely mysterious aspects of human life, that are laced up in cultural and personal complexity and trauma. Being sex positive doesn’t mean you are down for any or all sex, it is possible to be asexual, not personally drawn to sex, and be sex positive. The brand of sex positivity we practice in this space is also hinged on personal agency and consent, recognizing each individual as the best boss of their own self)

In July we are talking about “Toys that Suck- in the best ways” in an exploration of the world of toys that use the wonder of air and suction in a way that is often likened to cunnilingus. Whether they are toys you love, toys you hate, or something you are mostly just curious about… get your ticket and join us.

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