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This month, October 2022, we are casting a circle with an intention of exploring implements, toys and tools used in the context of s*x magic ritual. Whether using erotic connection and energy is something you have long established practices with, or it is something that is a new area of curious interest, there is space for all manner of practitioners and pleasure seekers.

Does your s*x magic have a clear lineage, descending from an ancient tradition, or is it something you have found yourself feeling out on vibes alone(yes, of course the pun is intended)?

This is a chance to share in a facilitated space about your s-x magic explorations and the implements, tools and toys that may help you transcend and make above/below.

This month’s space will be co-hosted by author and witch Serena Bhandar (

You can learn more about the Show & Tell, and track how it has progressed over the past year (yes this is also the 1 year anniversary of the event!) by reading through blog posts about the various themes we have explored.
*Where it all began
*Early Days Promo
*Strap ons
*Long lost leather
*Participant Driven Theme Creation
*Butt Stuff
*Giving & Receiving
*Gifts that Keep on Giving
*Off label Pervertables
*Gender Affirmation
*The ones in the back of the drawer
*The ones that got away
*Toys that Suck (in the best ways)
*Summer Temperature Play
*Where’d you learn THAT?

What themes are you hoping the show & tell may reach towards and explore in it’s second year?

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