CBRC Poster Presentation

I thought I was all prepared to share the poster that I made about the Show & Tell with the Community Based Research Council Summit in Vancouver today, but then realized that I had missed a crucial detail. While I had submitted and shared my poster in a digital form last week in the online component of the summit, I didn’t realize that having it printed was also on me. Once I did realize this, the cost reality of printing the poster shocked me and left me feeling frustrated and like I needed to just give up.

Rather than doing that, I have just posted the poster here and will be scribbling a link onto the board for people to open on their own devices.

This poster was designed to fill 4′ x4′, so please use your zoom function to explore it up close.

Big motivations for making the yard, hosting the show & tell, and building my work into the shapes it is taking these days include cost saving, accessibility, and what works for me as an often solo parent and caregiver. Finding a way to make this networking opportunity also fit the shape I needed has involved many barriers, and innovating around them. Which, to me, feels like the very essence of how I relate to community based research & education work.

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