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The Show & Tell – Moving towards JUST RIGHT

After a full 12 events over 13 months, the Show & Tell has been a project that has been finding it’s feet. I have found ways of hosting this online monthly that seem to refine themselves a bit each time around. Some pieces make sense to carry over from one month to the next, and other pieces present themselves as ready to be let go.

This month, the theme of JUST RIGHT, we will be getting into what fits- including the things that work right off the bat, but also the things that become clear over time and through process, and the things that are clearer as a vision than anything that exists, fueling innovation.

You may have noticed, that while over it’s first year, the event was called “The Sex Toy Show & Tell”, these day’s I’ve dropped the “sex toy”. There are lots of reasons for this including the algorithmic prudishness of social media channels, but it’s deeper than that. The toys may have been what started this; but the conversations and explorations always go far beyond just toys. When we are showing & telling our ways through themes like sex magic, grief, and finding what is “just right”, the role of sex toys is not always front and center, or even involved. Dropping the sex toy, but really focusing on the values of sex positivity, embodiment and play is a shift towards what feels ‘just right’.

Topia has also had some changes in the last few months, which mean that my yard is now an official topia plus level world. It has a capacity of 20 people unless I arrange an event specific overage. Participants can now access via mobile, but it is still limited, you don’t get a video feed and functionality of embeds is limited. Participants are recommended to access Topia from a computer with headphones to improve the sound quality for everyone there. Show & Tell ticket holders get access to the Topia for time following the event where they can come back and explore embedded resources, connect with other participants, play or just take advantage of the yard space.

This week is the CBRC Summit Online, and I want to thank folks who may have found their way here from there. Alternately, if you are here and haven’t found your way to the 2022 summit, Pushing Possibilities, check out the presentations and posters that are available during this part of the hybrid summit. The in person event will be happening the following week in Vancouver. I made a big ol’ poster that is being presented at this years summit, all about the show & tell, things I have learned thus far, and the dreams I have for the event into the future. When my poster is available, I will add a link.

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