February Show & Tell Tickets on Now

Last February I had planned on hosting the Show & Tell for February with the theme of SOLO TOYS. I ended up cancelling the event as things were really at a high point with my family adjusting to Coco’s cancer diagnosis, but as this February started coming closer, I was excited to re-visit the idea.

With all the development the Show & Tell has gone through over the year, by the time I finished planning, I was even happier with it. Rather than just focusing on toys & tools, the focus of the event has evolved to include a whole lot more of the emotional, relational and somatic pieces that contribute to our pleasure. This months’ theme “BYOB (be your own best) Valentine” is not just for singles; but anyone, of any relationship (or not) status. Learning how to be a good lay to yourself is a foundational part of being able to have great partnered (or group) sex. And of course, for folks who truly are their own one and only, there is no shortage of pleasure potential within this months’ event.

I will be doing a series of guest speaking/panel/event appearances between now and the event, so if you want to make sure you get a ticket – do not delay! I am prepared to sell out.

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