The Spaciousness of A Supported Life

Freshly posted episode of Imagination Revolution:UBI with Reia Lance explores what pleasures, connections and balance can come from having our needs met.

The Spaciousness of A Supported Life Imagination Revolution: U.B.I.

A conversation with brow tamer and pleasure seeker Reia Lance exploring how pleasure, connection and balance can grow in the spaciousness of a supported life. Our conversation makes the full circle from day sex to informed consent for shadow play,  stopping along the way to talk about sleep timing, personal agency,  orienting the body and nervous system to pleasure, calling in sick,  dreamy victorian mansions with dungeons in the basement and being in  relationships with systems in balance. Links to stuff that comes up in the conversation that is worth more reading: (being poor is expensive) (Vicki Robbins- what's the true cost of going to work?) (Conservativism isn't fiscally smart) (Reia's friend Geoff who went "buy nothing" (sober dance party) (the new years’ workshop host that talked about clear intentions and open attention)
  1. The Spaciousness of A Supported Life
  2. Jess DeVries: Unpacking Shame and Learning to Feel
  3. 2. Death & Rebirth out of exploitative economies with Rhoneil
  4. 1: How Do We Even Imagine? With Hope Warren
  5. Imagination Revolution: UBI. 0)The Invitation

You can listen to it here or find it where ever you listen to podcasts by searching, “Imagination Revolution:UBI”

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