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First Spring

Here on the west coast, we barely have much of a Canadian winter, a couple of days of snow, a few blustery rain stormy days, and then… just like that, flowers are popping up, buds are appearing on trees and bushes and the length of days stretches noticeably on both ends.

As things are pushing up from underground, there are shifts, things that were dormant for that brief wet & cold have returned to life and are making moves.

In my home, my work and my body, this is also very much the case. I have been busy over the last couple of weeks with a small burst of speaking & guest teaching engagements around trans fertility, gender affirming care through pregnancy & post-partum, and sex & disability.

One of the speaking gigs which I pre-recorded will actually be airing in part at a hybrid event on Monday the 13th, and then shared through the UVIC society for students with a disability in full on their website once it’s been captioned. You can check it out, either by signing up to be in the SUB on Monday, or here. There are a number of other speakers that all look like they have really good contributions to the larger conversation about Sex & Disability.

The big thing that’s looming on my schedule though, is that I am having surgery on Monday the 13th, and will be recovering away from my home and family for the first week under the care of one of my visiting long distance partners. I have been working to make sure that my family has the support that’s needed to get through this time without me, and the time when I am back, but still on reduced activity limitations, which will unfortunately overlap with my live-in partner starting her next round of chemotherapy. If you are able to help out with sending money, food vouchers, or local labour, please use our mealtrain+ to sign up for how exactly.

I have also recorded 3 yet-to-be shared interviews for Imagination Revolution : UBI, which I am excited to be producing and sharing over the next few weeks. So much really juicy stuff came up in my interviews and I can hardly wait to share them with you. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the episodes that are up already, you can find them on whatever platform you find podcasts.

The Show & Tell is still on the schedule for the 17th, and I will be hosting it from my bed in my recovery suite. The theme is BYOB (be your own best) Valentine, and we will be exploring a variety of layers of self love. You can read more about it, read the promo slides and buy tickets in the last post or go to the eventbrite listing here . Please tell a friend about this event, as the algorithms tend to bury sex-positive content on socials and promotional success really relies on word-of-mouth.

I made a little meme set that I wanted to share with y’all too, to help with the gentleness needed in the face of everything. I truly do hope y’all are doing all right out there and am so incredibly grateful for all the ways you support me and my family and my work.

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