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Fresh Pleasure (your) Chest starting January

Announcing the next round of Pleasure (your) Chest: A Workshop Series for Transmasculine Spectrum Folks.

If you are a person on the transmasculine spectrum who will have had top surgery before the January 20th we would love to have you join us!

This Workshop is For You:

* If you have had any type of masculinizing top surgery
* If you have noticed complicated feelings during or after the surgical process
* If feeling into boundaries and embodying consent are skills you want to learn or practice
* If you want more access to, and practices that support, your pleasure
* If you want to feel more at home in your body

Other Important Details:
Location: Private Zoom Room with Captions
Dates: Saturdays – January 20th & 27th, February 3rd & 10th
Time: 10am-12pm PST
Cost: Sliding Scale $125-$250 (If you have the means to pay more so others can pay less please do.)

Session One: Establishing the Group Container
Session Two: Dipping Our Toes into Grief
Session Three: Learn and Practice Embodied Consent
Session Four: Individual Pleasure Practices to Expand Erotic Possibility


Jess DeVries and I have dreamt up a plan for a community funded bursary to create opportunities for folks who sign up to be able to attend with no cost to them AND to receive up to three 1:1 sessions with a skilled practitioner near them (or virtually) who can support gender exploration, scar massage, lymphatic massage, etc. If you’re hot for community care and ways to tangibly support trans and non-binary community members, I’ll share more details about the fund in a separate post.

While we are accepting donations and taking registrations concurrently, we are hoping to be able to refund the registration costs of prospective participants by securing the needed funds with your support.

To sign up for the series go here.

To support the access fund go here.

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