New Book of Poems available for purchase

These poems were written during the month of October 2023, while Kori was care taking their terminally ill partner and co-parent. This writing challenge process offered a space for the immensity of emotions directly associated with the second hand experience of cancer treatment and coming to terms with one’s mortality, but also includes some pieces that play though other topics that felt moving, including recovering from gender affirming surgery, parenting, magic, polyamoury, animist spirituality and more.

I’m excited to announce a new book of poems that has been published by Bookleaf Press and is now available for purchase as an E-book or to order as a paperback. You can find it through a number of large online book sellers, but your local bookshop can also order it in with ISBN #9789358314359

Front Cover image for More Love Than Pressure by Kori Doty

If you want to keep more up to date about what I am working on, consider joining my Patreon Donut Club, where previews of my work, intimate members only socials and more regular updates are made available to those who invest in my process. I’ve been doing a lot more writing to there these days than here, and would love to see more folks buying in to that.

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