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Soft Touch Bodies! & Pleasure (your) Chest!

Hey folks,

I haven’t been keeping up with posting here as often these days. For all the reasons, the algorithm pages and my supporter sponsored Patreon get all the freshest news and updates, and it can take me minute to bring the news over to these parts.

First thing, you might have gotten an email recently from SoftTouchBodies and wondered,
” who/what/when did I sign up for this? I don’t remember ever connecting with “STB”? huh? “
It’s me, I’m just working on shifting some things in how I use branding and “work time” by creating this business entity, Soft Touch Bodies, where much of the work that I do in the broad field(s) of somatics, sex ed, and embodiment support can exist. There are challenges with ‘being a brand’, which was how it sometimes felt marketing some of my entrepreneurial pursuits, sold under my name . Moving to have my educational offerings, body work, and soft felt anatomical models be the realm of Soft Touch is a gradual process, but one that I hope means that sometimes, I, Kori Doty, get to exist just as me, with a bit more space between my body and the products and services I deliver. It’s not all exactly plotted out quite yet, a work in progress, but like I said at the beginning, if you want to be kept most up to date, join the donut club on Patreon.

Second thing, and this may well have been in the body of the email mentioned above, but knowing that the circles of the venn of those of you reading this and who read it in email is far from being a circle:

Pleasure (Your) Chest Fall 2024 Cohort!

Sign Up is here: https://www.belovedcoaching.net/pleasure-your-chest

Join us for an experiential workshop series specifically created for trans masculine folks who have completed top surgery; holding space in community to explore grief, consent and pleasure from an embodied understanding.

Throughout the process of pursuing top surgery you can become so focused on the final outcome that you have to compartmentalize the myriad of emotions that are felt along the way. The medical team can prepare you for the healing process from surgery, but doesn’t have the knowledge or the capacity to teach you how to explore pleasure in your body as it is in this moment. Quite often you overlook certain losses and the grief that come with them to focus on the fact that you finally have had your surgery. This is a space to express the fullness of your experience and learn skills to support your body and your pleasure.

This Workshop is For You:

  • If you have had any type of masculinizing top surgery
  • If you have noticed complicated feelings during or after the surgical process
  • If feeling into boundaries and embodying consent are skills you want to learn or practice
  • If you want more access to, and practices that support, your pleasure
  • If you want to feel more at home in your body

This offering is our love letter to post-op trans masculine spectrum people.

Session One: Establishing the Group Container

Session Two: Dipping Our Toes into Grief

Session Three: Learn and Practice Embodied Consent

Session Four: Individual Pleasure Practices to Expand Erotic Possibility

Other Important Details:

Location: Private Zoom Room with Captions

Dates: Sundays – Sept 22nd, 29th October 6th and 13th

Time: 10am-12pm PST

Cost: Sliding Scale $125-$250 (If you have the means to pay more so others can pay less please do.)

Please check out our fundraising efforts to support future students access to scholarships and bursaries for hands on scar support bodywork. LINK to Community Care Fund

Space for 10-15 participants.


I appreciate the small group. Originally, I wanted a larger group so I could hide and not necessarily contribute but the smallness allowed for a really intimate connection and for me to actually share my experience in ways I do not normally. This workshop helped me hold grief for something that also brought me the deepest sense of joy and presence in my body. Both can exist together and must be honored. Thank you for that. I am deeply appreciative of this experience.

– anon –

What did you take away from this workshop?

I have the choice to give consent or to withhold it. I can embody that power of choice. My scars are a part of me and I can live in this body and experience pleasure. I can know with 100% certainty that top surgery was the right decision for me, and still experience grief about losing a part of my body.

– Ellis –

Meet the Facilitators:

Jess DeVries (she/her) is a queer cisgender somatic sex and intimacy coach trained in the Somatica method and trained in somatic sex education and sexological bodywork. She primarily serves the queer/trans community to support folks in reclaiming body autonomy and to inspire curiosity about pleasure and sexual expression including expanding possibilities of what sex can be and guiding folks to define and pursue pleasure on their own terms. In addition to her pleasure work, she is a grief advocate who regularly facilitates spaces for people to grieve, inviting the wisdom of the body to guide the grief process. She understands that there is a deep kinship between pleasure and grief and believes that they both deserve to be tended as full experiences of our humanity.

Jess’s Website

Kori is a trans non-binary educator with a background in sexual health and harm reduction. They are based in Lekwungan Territories (colonial Victoria, BC) and are a student of the Institute of Somatic Sex Education. Their work with groups and individuals around personal and collective liberation has been punctuated as they took time to gestate and parent a child, have top surgery, care for a partner with cancer, have bottom surgery, and has mostly been online since spring of 2020. Their experiences with gender affirming surgeries included numerous complications and their recovery work included being a student in the first iteration of Pleasure (your) Chest, as well as extensive interdisciplinary body work and self care. They descend from European settlers and walk through the world with access usually granted to white men; utilizing these privileges with integrity is a project that they try to approach with humility and nuance.

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