Facilitator & community educator

Kori is a non-binary genderqueer trans person with more than a decade of community facilitation experience. They specialize in sexual health, harm reduction, community organizing, technical knowledge exchange and radical approaches to wellness.


Kori facilitates learning through workshops and trainings with a focus on sexual health and harm reduction topics. Classrooms of all ages, music festivals, professionals in health care and teaching, community groups and non-profits are some of the settings that they use popular education and Theatre of the Oppressed based methodology to build capacity and stoke awakenings. 

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kori has been working with a number of organizations and events as we transition to harm reduced ways of being “together” when we cannot share physical space. They are working on developing knowledge exchange opportunities in innovative digital environments such as Topia.

‘Destigmatizing recreational, medicinal and ceremonial substance use’ is an example of curriculum they have created and offered. Kori has offered primers and 101 level workshops on gender diversity and trans inclusion in the past. They are currently excited about working with folks who are looking to engage on a deeper level.

Online learning

Kori offers online curriculum and learning packages they have developed through a range of topics. Queer folks looking to dismantle toxic mythologies, adults looking for sex education, those eager to incite revolution through imagination and play, trans and non-binary humans on parenting and pregnancy journeys, organizations looking for harm reduction training and more will find something that can help through Kori’s online offerings.

All offerings are digitally based until further notice due to risk management and public health guidelines toward the Covid- 19 Pandemic.

Thin blue lines cross back and forth across a small space in a network pattern.


Kori offers consultation services with media, non-profits, small businesses and community groups on improving inclusion and accessibility, skill development,strategy development and implementation and as a topical expert for online, television, radio and printed media. Kori is open to sharing their experiences and expertise on panel presentations and community events.