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Birthing Beyond the Binary

 Childbirth education specifically crafted with the unique needs of queer and trans folks growing babies in their bodies. Our goal is to create a learning environment where the diversity of individuals and families is seen and celebrated.

Beyond the binary, under a microscope.
Dandelion close up with a few seeds left.

Ankors Street College Curriculum

Harm Reduction knowledge has always been something that comes first and foremost from on the ground. The lives and bodies of drug-using people, sex workers and intersectionally marginalized folks have been the progenitors and test grounds for much of what is collected here. In the process of gathering this knowledge, I may have missed pieces or had things lost in translation.

Podcasts and audio

Ankors Frontdesk: Sexual health, Harm Redux, Community Wellness.

Colourful condoms lined up in a grid.

Harm reduction videos

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