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Headphones and microphones sit on a wooden table in a brick and glass room.
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Imagination Revolution: UBI

Conversations about what we would do with ourselves if our basics were covered; this show takes an abundance angle on the idea of Universal Basic Income, getting into what our society misses out on by requiring participation in an exploitative wage labour system.

2. Death & Rebirth out of exploitative economies with Rhoneil Imagination Revolution: U.B.I.

Rhoneil is an artist, musician and newly hatching somatic therapist. We talk about trials and bold steps she has run in pursuit of her life long dream of getting out of the conveyor belt systems. This journey goes through the internal, social and planetary layers, looking at limitations, pleasure, gratitude and magic. Support this show and my other projects by becoming a backer on patreon.com/koridoty and follow all of my work at koridoty.com You can find more of Rhoneil at linktr.ee/Rhoneil
  1. 2. Death & Rebirth out of exploitative economies with Rhoneil
  2. 1: How Do We Even Imagine? With Hope Warren
  3. Imagination Revolution: UBI. 0)The Invitation
Colourful condoms lined up in a grid.

Sex, Drugs and How We Roll

Sexual health, Harm Redux, Community Wellness sponsored by ANKORS West Kootenay

Dandelion close up with a few seeds left.

Ankors Street College Curriculum

Harm Reduction knowledge has always been something that comes first and foremost from on the ground. The lives and bodies of drug-using people, sex workers and intersectionally marginalized folks have been the progenitors and test grounds for much of what is collected here. In the process of gathering this knowledge, I may have missed pieces or had things lost in translation.

Harm reduction videos