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About Kori

Kori’s pronouns are “they/them/their”.

Kori is a non-binary genderqueer trans person currently a visitor on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish people, Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

BC Human Rights challenge

Kori is a complainant on the BC Human Rights challenge aiming to change gender markers on birth certificates with lawyer barbara findlay. They are a part of the Gender-Free ID Coalition.

What they do

Queer/ trans youth work

Kori was camp director of the Trans Tipping Point Project, a program of the Victoria Pride Society up until the onset of Covid-19. Kori works to foster opportunities for intergenerational relationship building, creating community and expressing creative voice for queer and trans youth.

Harm reduction

Kori worked with ANKORS – AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society in a variety of roles. They led the delivery of ANKORS harm reduction services at Shambhala Music festival since 2013, including training volunteers in best practice and service delivery of educational info, re-agent tests and destigmatizing conversations about recreational, medicinal and ceremonial substance use. Kori has also worked with YouthCo, a peer-led agency working to reduce the impact of stigma related to HIV and Hep C. As part of their harm reduction work, they produced podcasts (Sex, Drugs and How we Roll), videos (Stoked on Pokes and Harm Reduction) and curriculum (ANKORS Street College) to engage community in person and online.

101s, Resilience building and more

Kori has created curriculum and facilitated 101 level learning on gender diversity and trans inclusion. They offered workshops at the Kootenay Herb Conference in 2018, at the Vallican Whole and at the 2018 Bass Coast Festival.

Kori, along with collaborator andi grace created and ran Glitter Rebellion – a touring workshop to help participants connect to internal and inherited resilience.

Kori offered an online curriculum on resilience building for trans folks and allies in 2016, this archived content has been mostly retired considering massive changes to the cultural landscape over the time since the course was written.

Kori Doty stands on their porch in the shade.
Photo by Jordan Reznick, PhD.
A donut with everything on it.


Kori has written for Scarleteen, well known resource for sexual health, on navigating relationships when chronic pain is present, in an article titled Partners in Pain with co author andi grace. This essay was also published in When Language Runs Dry. Kori published Acid Church in RFD Magazine Issue 167, along with co author andi grace.

Kori has other writing projects in the works, including contributions to a set of books by trans youth that came out of the Trans Tipping Point Project (now the Gender Generations Project) – and co-editing a book on non-binary pregnancy, birthing and parenting with a titled The Liminal Chrysalis, coming out through Demeter Press.

Public Speaking

Kori is honoured to have been invited to sit on panels and present in conferences. Since the covid-19 pandemic, appearances have been online, some of which can be found archived on the digital landscape.

Kori marked Trans Awareness Day on Instagram Live with Dr. Kyl Myers, author of “Raising Them”.

Kori made a guest appearance on Bria’s Sunday Portrait show on Twitch.

Kori joined AVI for world AIDS day to discuss STI testing in Covid on a Facebook Live Event.

Kori presented a talk “Being Prayed Upon” at the Moving Trans History Forward Conference in 2019 and a talk co-authored with barbara findlay “…And the Law Says” at Moving Trans History Forward 2021.

They have shared their expertise working with youth on a panel in the Creating Caring Communities Conference.

Kori blends lived experience with community activism and service.

More about Kori

Kori grew up in a conservative protestant church in a small city and was involved as a kid in organizing amongst their peers and in church. When they were 17, a journey leaving home on an international exchange was the impetus for their journey exploring and arriving at words, experiences and communities in which they found comfort and identity – words like trans, genderqueer, queer, pansexual, polyamourous, butch, femme, non-binary, gender rebel, psychonaut, and witch.

Kori is currently training in level one of Somatic Sex Education with the Institute For Somatic Sex Education.

Kori’s most recent adventure has been one of pregnancy and parenting. They share these experiences and commit to resourcing other non binary folks on this journey through their projects. Birthing Beyond the Binary, co-created with Amanda Phoenix and Elsa Asher was an online resource, which has since been handed off to king yaa who has since evolved the project in more intersectional and decolonizing directions. The Liminal Chrysalis, is a book co-edited with A. J. Lowik and due for publication January 2022 by Demeter Press.

“I just finished eight weeks of this course – it was awesome! I highly recommend it to any and all. … you will learn a lot about yourself, no matter your orientation or identity!”

participant in Kori’s online course, Resilience Building for Trans Folks and Our Allies.