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Sex Toy Show & Tell- October Cover image

Portal Now Open

Tickets are now on sale for October’s Sex Magic Implement Show & Tell in Kori Doty’s Topia. Co-hosted by author & witch Serena Bhandar. AND… it’s the show & tell’s birthday!

Where’d you learn THAT?

Sex education in schools has long had a well earned reputation for being … less than ideal. My own experiences of school based sexual health education were nearly non-existent. As I was pretty involved in a conservative Christian community through my childhood and teen years, when the permission letters were sent home to give families…

Show and Tell Sucker

The idea for this month’s show & tell came out of last month’s, ‘ones that got away’ event. As I was exploring the grief of a toy I had come to love, but that had taken on the unforgivable habit of no longer holding a charge, I thought, “I should replace that…. maybe that will…

July Show & Tell – Toys That Suck… in the best ways

July’s Show and Tell is taking a new turn and focusing on one specific type of toy. As one of the newest sort of categories of sex tech, air-pulse toys also called clit-suckers have really only been on the market for the last 12 or 15 years. Some on the market incorporate even newer technology,…