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Upcoming Workshop Collaboration- Pleasure (Your) Chest: coming in September!

Top Surgery can be a life saving procedure, but is not always as simple as the common narrative. This post announces an upcoming workshop offering partnership with Jess DeVries called Pleasure (your) Chest, which is a 4 part series for people who have had masculinizing chest surgery which we will be starting to offer online in September.

Why Do I host events in Topia?

I have been thinking about this a lot over the past few weeks, as I made my poster for the CBRC summit, and then as I went to the in person summit and have had more time to ponder about what hosting & attending events is about for me. As someone who continues to keep…

CBRC Poster Presentation

I made this poster for the Community Based Research Council summit before realizing I would need to pay to have it printed. Rather than do that, I have just posted it here so folks can access it through their devices.
Cover image- Just RIght Show & Tell

The Show & Tell – Moving towards JUST RIGHT

After a full 12 events over 13 months, the Show & Tell has been a project that has been finding it’s feet. I have found ways of hosting this online monthly that seem to refine themselves a bit each time around. Some pieces make sense to carry over from one month to the next, and…