Fresh Slate

This small group session takes place in Kori’s yard in Topia, a graphic spatial video chat interface. Each month Kori welcomes ticket holders to join them for 3 rounds of show & tell following a theme.

This month the theme is FRESH SLATE and attendees will be welcomed and guided through a grounding in the space before exploring the idea of starting this calendar year anew. When we are starting fresh, the invitation is to intentionally carry forward that which is working for us, humbly identify where we have gaps, and situate ourselves as interconnected parts of larger systems.

There will be space to share about

– tools and strategies that work for you (calendars, habit trackers, DS dynamics, mindful erotic practices, rituals, routines, apps, spreadsheets, household hacks, accessibility mods etc)

-challenges you are facing for which you are not sure what the tools are (yet) (and whether you are seeking knowlege of specific tools that may address the need- crowd source problem solving)

-who and what help hold you and your dreams? who do you support and how? (kids, parents, lovers, teachers, influencers, coaches, tops, bottoms, faith community, professional organization, union, clubs etc)

The yard is curated to hold a selection of resources that align with the month’s theme. Attendees are welcome to return over the month to further explore resources and continue building connections with each other.

The yard is a space for pleasure seekers with hunger for knowledge and connection. A sex – positive, digital space that aims to enable embodied play, personal autonomy, collective resourcing and, imagining and enacting steps towards a liberated future.

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