STI Testing Panel Livestream- Dec 1, 2020

I am excited to be a part of a panel that will be discussing STI testing at this event on December 1st brought to you by AVI over facebook Live (

This is an opportunity to acknowledge, respect and appreciate the wisdom and leadership of queer, trans, sex worker and drug user communities when it comes to public health, testing, harm reduction, and health advocacy.

Our communities have been actively fighting to survive both a viral plague and public health crisis for ~40 years now; HIV and the war on drugs have taught us many things that have transferable relevance to Covid 19.

Please join us to recognize World AIDS Day and learn more.

Purple back ground, white text. Information about the STI testing in the age of COVID 19 in honour of world AIDS day. 
Dec. 1, 6pm facebook for the stream 
Image of masked human wearing lab coat and ID badge, writing on a clipboard, surrounded by test tubes.

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