In Whose Best Interest?

In Whose Best Interest?

As much as I wish that we could move forward with scientifically backed measures like bans to conversion therapy, allowing trans or gender questioning youth to access hormone blockers and medically assisted transitional puberty, or implementation of SOGI 123 diversity and inclusion curriculum, we are unfortunately in a time where many people are really adamantly…

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Parenting at Pride

An open letter to parents (especially cis{not trans} gendered and/or straight parents) considering bringing your children to pride, Pride is a cultural festival. It is a festival that comes from a culture of struggle, of resistance. Our culture, queer and trans culture, pride culture, is a beautiful and exciting rainbow sparkle fest, but also has…

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If the transparent sees their shadow? Will revolution come in an early spring?

I’ve been relatively silent in this stream for a number of months now. Huge changes unfolded over those months, including important perspective shifts and closing of chapters that had served their time. There has been grief, transition, experimentation, re-starting and stripping down to the basics.   I spent a period of time putting a degree…