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Show And Tell for Grown Ups on Friday October 8

I’m hosting an online event! You can sign up at Eventbrite.

Fri, October 8, 2021
8:00 PM – 10:30 PM PDT

This event is a chance for pleasure seekers, sex educators, and toy designers + sellers to come together- and share what we are coming for/with. The plan is to host these events monthly; once interest builds up, we may have specific theme feature nights- but for this first event, all different types of toys, prosthetics and implements will be welcome.

The event is hosted in Topia, which is a social engagement platform where attendees can see and hear each other over video chat, but also have the opportunity to “move throughout the space”, allowing a more organic flow between conversations. It requires a chrome browser, headphones and a webcam. Test running topia before the event is recommended to make sure your technology is compatible.

Come and learn from others about toys & tools you may be curious about, and bring your own favourites to show + tell about. Vendors are welcome to share product and make connections with potential future clients, but this is not a sales expo, it is primarily for educational and community building purposes.

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