“Back to Work”

Now that the child has started kindergarten, I am finding my way back to the other things that I used to balance my time with. I never have a shortage of ideas for projects I would like to see happen, or things I want to help out with, but the challenge is often about how to make things sustainable. Being on disability benefits and having subsidized housing has changed my life, without question- it covers my basics. Not having to worry about whether or not the payment will go through at the grocery store is the sort of stress no one should have to deal with, especially parents of little kids, and I am grateful to be held enough within the systems that I am eligible for that this has become a rare occurrence. But, when I have to pay tuition for myself, and school fees, and new boots, and dentist appointments and so on, I find myself scraping at the sides of a drained barrel. I know that the projects I take on need to find ways to help balance that, but so much of the work I want to do, is working directly with other folks who are scraping by. I have always been most passionate about working with other trans and gender non-conforming folks and the economic reality is that as a population we are one of the most over-educated and under-employed. It is important to me that my voice, and the offerings I bring to the world, don’t all get locked away behind paywalls.

So, I’ve started a Patreon. If you aren’t familiar, Patreon is a platform that allows creatives and freelance creators a way to build a movement of support behind their work through monthly subscription. It’s sort of like a modern gig version of the renaissance painters- instead of one sugar daddy/glucose guardian keeping the work afloat, that is shared across the fan base. Larger contributions do unlock special access perks, but largely, the system creates a way that I can keep doing things like writing here, making tiktoks (i’m there too did you know?), hosting events in Topia (and keeping them free or low cost), and being involved in grassroots stuff like food gardening in my housing complex, helping friends out in a pinch, and volunteering for worthy initiatives like HIM community connectors (I will be doing sexual health outreach on the cruising apps later this year w them). Having the predictability of a membership platform means I can carry on in service to all of you and our movements, without needing to get distracted into some time sale/wage arrangement.

If you follow my work and appreciate what I bring to your corner of the internet- please consider the benefits to both of us in signing up. I am very excited about the projects that are coming into reality as a part of figuring out these perks.You can read all about them over here… and if you think you would be a good guest on either Sluts Devotional or Imagination Revolution: UBI, drop me a line.

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