Coco looks into the camera with determination and style.

Support Coco’s Cancer Care-Queer Crip CoParent Recovery

Coco is a queer disabled Femme living with chronic pain in Victoria. She is an artist and an activist, a beloved partner and co-parent, a dear friend to many, and a dedicated community contributor. Coco is a magickal goth n’ roll Empress leather dyke whose brilliance, wit, and compassion improve this world daily.

 Coco was recently diagnosed with stage three cancer after months of abstruse pain and symptom-based investigation.Reaching this diagnosis was a tangled and stressful process. 

This campaign intends to help support Coco through their approximate six-month course of treatment and their ongoing healing. Coco has nurtured a deep network of loved ones. Here is an opportunity to honour the connections we share with her. Kori and Johanna are Coco’s primary carers. We can buttress their efforts through the donation of time and money.

Funding Needs

A preliminary estimation of necessities

Childcare coverage for Searyl is crucial at this time.Kori and Coco must know Searyl is nurtured in their absence as they devote energy to this recovery journey.

Coco will undergo chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. We hope this campaign will allow them to, additionally, access essential integrative therapeutic and holistic health measures.

Meal Train and other support

Maintaining optimal nutrition is a primary concern for Coco. This fund will help finance food, micronutrients, supplements, and the like.

Please follow the link below to Coco’s Meal Train; via which you can sign up for meal creation, contactless food drops, and other helpful tasks:

  • Transportation to and from appointments, vehicle rental, and gas costs.
  • Rent and alternative accommodation for Coco’s safe recovery.
  • Domestic maintenance costs, such as laundry and cleaning.
  • Specialty equipment and comfort measures.
  • Above all, this fund aspires to ease the financial strain associated with her diagnosis so that Coco may focus on healing.

Coco is a treasure. Let’s support her through this challenging period and let her know she is cherished!Please donate and share this campaign widely!

Love, Coco’s Care Team

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