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Summer’s Heating Up

As we move through the first significant heat wave of the summer, some folks might have reached the point where bedroom temperatures are not helpful in facilitating bedroom activities. If you don’t have climate control, an ocean cross breeze or a basement bedroom, a bed can get sweaty without any play to heat it up. So what do you and your lovers’ do to facilitate connection when its’ already too steamy? Do you keep lube, glass or steel toys in the freezer, or do you bring ice cubes in for body play? Do you bring your playtime down to the shore of a cool body of water?

Adding cool, as a touch or an immersive experience, to an already hot body is a sensory blast. The way our body experiences changes in temperature, especially across a wide range, or rapidly can be something that is pleasurable for some folks. Whether the cold itself is where you find pleasure, or if it’s about the relief, or balancing of external conditions exploring temperature in erotic practice is a huge area for exploration, discussion and play.

This months’ Show & Tell is going to start there, in your own hot bedroom, and through the magic of the internet- connect with a digital yard full of other pleasure seekers exploring and discussing all manor of erotic temperature play. We will talk about bringing in the cold, but also playing other edges, like using warmed toys, hot wax and fire. Please join us in my private Topia yard for this rousing and stimulating exploration of the sensations of temperature.

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