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Show and Tell Sucker

The idea for this month’s show & tell came out of last month’s, ‘ones that got away’ event. As I was exploring the grief of a toy I had come to love, but that had taken on the unforgivable habit of no longer holding a charge, I thought, “I should replace that…. maybe that will be next months theme, I can use my own product research as preparation for the show & tell, and let my show & tell prep inform my purchasing choices. “

And that is exactly what I did. Over the past month I have read heaps of reviews of different sucker toys, stopped in at a couple of my local shops to pick things up of the shelf and speak to knowledgeable sales people (and some less than knowledgeable… but that’s another post) and ultimately found that the toy I was thinking about ordering WAS available locally, just not at any of the sex shops- but at the big chain bookstore in the mall! I walked a couple of laps around the massive store before finally asking a clerk, “uhhh where do I find your sex toys?”

She explained to me that the store had started carrying the toys a little over a year ago, but the shelf display had been pulled for a few months after a barage of complaints. The toys are back out, but there is no big splash or signs announcing it.

I really wanted to have the toy in hand though, I wanted to give it some honest tries in the lead up to Friday’s Show & Tell. I knew that might mean a less supportive or educational shopping experience than I prefer to have at my small local queer owned sex shops, and not as economical as if I ordered it directly from the company, but I wanted it here and now. Now that I have it, I have even more questions I am excited to explore with fellow pleasure seekers on Friday.

Do you use air pulse toys? What are the features it has that you love? What are features you WISH it had? Has it done you wrong? Where does it fall short for you? Do you prefer a multi-purpose over dedicated one trick ponies? What about battery life and the communication interfaces? Does it give you more control(s) or ask more of your submission to it’s ways?

If you have never used one, this event is designed to be a low-no pressure opportunity to explore this category of toys without any sales pitches, a chance to hear first hand accounts of what folks like and don’t about the toys they have tried.

If you design or sell toys, this event may be a good chance to hear from the pleasure seekers that make your customer base as well as inform folks about things you may have in development.

If you are a sex educator and are fielding questions about this sort of toys from clients, and want to have a more broad perspective on the market and people’s experiences, come on out with yours and your clients questions. The idea is to crowd source personal experiences, informing a more whole picture about toys and how folks feel about them than we can generate on our own.

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