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Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday, and I would LOVE if people were into becoming a patron of my work as a way of celebrating with me. I have a lot of things on the go, podcasts brewing and leaking out, writing projects coming together in bits and pieces, Sex Toy Show & Tell events happening every month on Topia, and…. there’s even talk about an in person Show & Tell night with HIM coming up in the new year. Every once in a while I am still making Tiktoks too- maybe if some of y’all go follow me there it may bring me out of the low algorithmic slumps and make that platform more juicy. I am still integrating and finding application for the trainings I have completed in Somatic Sex Education this year while trying to scrape together money to sign up for the next level of training (hopefully in late Winter 2022). A lot of the projects I am working on are not directly waged by any external supports and rely on the support of people who believe in the work. Because I am based in Canada, even becoming viral has pretty limited earning potential as most platforms creator accounts are american centric and don’t pay out to canada.

If you think I do rad things and want to ensure I can keep at that: please consider signing up for a donut subscription (no real donuts involved- it’s just how I rank the perks).


I am also going to take this opportunity to make a declaration for the start of Sagittarius season. This next cycle of the fall, for me, is about celebrating brave honest embodiment of desire, especially T4T (Trans 4 Trans). November can be a hard month for a lot of folks, and tdor numbers as high as they are, we need to really lay a lot of roses for those who are still here. I truly believe that the insight and leadership of those we are losing too early, too young because of transphobic violence, prohibition era drug war and poisoning crisis, housing crisis or any combination of these, is where we could find the solutions to the big problems we are wrestling with. We cannot afford to keep losing people to poisoned drugs, violent shame and extremism. While acknowledging all of that, and also trying to actively counter it in the imagining and acting the world we wish to be into reality, it’s a lot. The world I want to live in celebrates queer bodies of all shapes and sizes and celebrates the absolute sacredness that is queer sex and trans4trans erotic exchange. So I do that by maintaining practices I’ve learned in SSE and participating in erotic community (mostly still online).

Are you celebrating your brave honest embodiment of your desire?

I’m working on a themed playlist that will be available to my Patrons later this week.

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