Everybody’s Got One

Join us tomorrow (FRIDAY DECEMBER 17) for the latest Sex Toy Show & Tell event I am hosting in my topia.

We all have butts, they have a one of the highest concentrations of nerves in the body AND the market of available things that exist to play with all that erogenous potential is at an all time expanse.

There are toys that go in and stay in. There are others that go in and move around. There are others designed to go in and out. Some are for using externally and they can range from a sharp sting to a heavy thud. There is such a wide range of sizes, materials, intentions, perks, and downfalls. There are big reputable companies making high end devices and small crafts people creatively innovating new ways to bring the pleasure and pain. Which ever you love more, or if you are mostly just curious, come on down.

Support online events, stay home, stay safe.

Get your ticket now and join us for show & tell time at 8pm pacific.

Butt Plug Gnome, 2001, Paul McCarthy

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