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Liminal Chrysalis- On It’s Way to a Book Shelf Near You!

It has been a long time coming now, but it turns out the process of publishing, especially a peer-reviewed anthology from an academic press is a bit of an involved process. I am so grateful to A.J., my co-editor, without whom I couldn’t have done this. It has been such a privilege to work with all the authors involved as they crafted their contributions to this important collection. The content is a mix of academic chapters and autobiographical prose and poetry. It speaks to pregnancy, parenting and fertility with an attention to look for the parts of those conversations we often miss- like intersex perspectives on how infant genital surgery impacts reproductive justice, trans feminine longing for motherhood, decolonizing takes on menstruation and it’s gendered expectations, family creation from the view of an anonymous egg donor, trans inclusion in abortion legislation, and more.

If you would like to receive a promotional package about the book from the publisher (Demeter Press), send me an email ASAP and you will be added to the list. When pre-ordering the book in this way you will access a coupon code that gives you a discount on our book as well as the rest of their collection. If you have a favourite local book seller or hometown library that you would like to see carrying this book- please let them know that it is currently ready to order and will be shipping out January 2022 (which is sooner than you might think… )

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