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It’s My Birthday, I’ll shamelessly promote if I want to

Time keeps on ticking, and here I am turning another year older. This past year has been a real roller coaster to say the least, but rolling into this next one I am feeling pretty confident that some of the things that I started last year and that I have been sculpting into their latest living shapes are really coming into themselves and I think this is going to be a good age for me and what I am offering to the world.

I will start by saying, yes, there is still cancer. I am still care giving my partner who has been sick. That is ongoing and has more ups and downs to come, but I have found something to be true this year. Having things that I can be engaging my creative, community organizing, facilitator muscles at is really important and nurturing to me. While I am operating a reduced capacity, keeping some the things that feel “just right” feels like an important life line.

The 3 main balls that I have up in the juggle right now are:
*The Show & Tell
*Donut Club
*Imagination Revolution: UBI (Coming back in 2023)

This month’s Show & Tell is festively themed, Gifts & Presence. I’m really looking forward to holding this explorative and collaborative space to explore our collective and individual gifts, as well as presence, and how we work to cultivate and nurture a sense of presence for our own benefit as well as for our beloveds. You can read more about how the show & tell operates, as well as more on how the focus grew to far beyond just sex toys. There is a limited amount of tickets available, they go on sale here today:

Secondly, my dear ones, is my own personal sponsorship program, where folks can pledge patronage (at rates of 3, 10 or 25$/month) and become members of my donut club. Given that the club is geographically separate, there are not real life donuts, or … you could have donuts, I would encourage that, but its a BYOD club. I just called it the donut club cause I like donuts. And I like to think that my name, Doty, formerly spelled Doughtie before my ancestors came to the colonies, could be a reference of the ever beloved Dough-Knot. One of the membership perks I offer to club members is a quarterly ritual. We had our first one at the coming of fall and it was so lovely. I really appreciated connecting with the folks that help hold up me and my work, in a space where we all got to help hold up each other. The ritual involved collaborative creation of harvest, compost, and mulch documents, and dancing together to turn the compost back into the earth. I have started crafting the winter ritual in those moments when I am between asleep and awake, which feels appropriate for the winter solstice. If you join the donut club by backing my work on Patreon, you can also come to these Topia quarterlies, as well you get a discount on all show & tell tickets. Check out the Patreon here. I would love if I got 4 new patrons for my birthday, will it be you?

And last, but not to be forgotten, is podcasts. I have had the opportunity to guest on some great shows lately and that’s helped keep my toes wet while I didn’t feel up to everything involved with recording, producing and promoting my own show that I started last year, Imagination Revolution: UBI. I also participated in a project out of CJLY UVIC campus Radio station this year that connected intergenerational queers to exchange interviews about our shared histories and futures (not sure when those will become something shareable, but you know I will share when it is). I am aiming to be scheduling 2 recordings /month starting again in January. Slow and steady, but I have found that even since back burnering the project after it’s second episode, it keeps popping up as something that feels alive and relevant, so I am going to give it some attention in the upcoming calendar. The shows premise is that people have beautiful, visionary gifts and they are not able to actualize them, or they are not supported to nurture them, within an economic system of scarcity and wage slavery. What would you do? What could you do? What do you dream of doing? If only you knew your basics would be covered. Some folks experienced little tastes of this through the first wave of the pandemic and the relief programs that were limited and unfortunately short lived. Over the past couple of years the movement against “work” as we have conventionally known it under late stage capitalism has continued to grow. The great resignation, waves of quiet quitting and populations of people who have become chronically ill and/or disabled through the pandemic have all changed the work force. But so has increasing automation across all sectors. One neoliberal argument against UBI is that people would not DO ANYTHING, as if our value lies solely in our ability to generate capital, but I categorically don’t agree that it is true. Anyways….. I clearly have a lot to say on this topic, and am excited to get back into conversation with folks about it. I love the format of these conversations, because what is more alive than people imagining their dream lives out loud? You can listen to the first bits that I recorded last year here, and drop me an email if you would like to be on my recording schedule for January-March 2023.

You can listen to the episode I recorded with Sex Ed for the Modern Bed here:

I did this very dirty story time episode for my friend and colleague Taara Rose’s Show

I also recorded an episode with Andrew Gurza for Disability After Dark. Their release schedule is subject to disability related limitations, but I expect that my episode could be coming out some day soon, no pressure Andrew….subscribe to his show where you listen to podcasts and you’ll hear it when its out.

And lastly, I recorded an episode with Modern Anarchy, and have been told to expect it out near winter solstice. I was referred on to that show by my friend Jess, and you can listen to her episode here.

If you subscribe to the email list from here, or if you join the donut club, you will be alerted to anytime there is new content, but following these other podcasters and listening to their other episodes also is a nice thing to do while you wait.

So there you have it- My 3 birthday Self Promotions

-I do a cool monthly event– you can get a ticket for the next one

-I have a supporters club and host quarterly rituals– you can join

-I have a lot to say and will be picking up the mic to produce more episodes of my show in January. If you have a show and want to invite me to guest, or if you want to be a featured guest on mine, send me an email. If you listen to podcasts I have new guest episodes dropping over the next month or 2.

Thanks for reading and supporting my work! Thanks for your birthday well wishes!

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