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Donut Club Exclusives

There’s a topping for everyone. For the donuts at least…

Photo by Alexander Grey:

Coming up later this month, I will be hosting the first quarterly Donut Club Exclusive gathering. This social event is set to be the first in a series of exclusive online socials, just for the folks who have been supporting my work. The best way to ensure your invitation is by signing up for the donut club, which is what I call my patreon sponsors.

You can join the club as a donut hole sponsor for the “less than a coffee” price of 3$ CAD/month, get a bigger mouthful for the 10$CAD/Month glazed donut price, or the juiciest of the options, the cream filled level for 25$/month.

The higher levels have access to recorded workshops, like this one that I gave last spring for the Interior Men’s Health Guythering. It’s all about embodied risk assessment and explores the ways we can build and cultivate practices of making decisions inline with our desires, as well as considerations for when our best choices available aren’t really the best choices.

This could be you, taking in recordings of workshops available to glazed and cream filled level patrons.


All levels get access to early released writings, photosets & videos, discounts on tickets (like for next Friday’s show & tell), and an invite to the quarterly Donut Club Exclusive gatherings.

The Donut Club Gatherings will happen throughout the year around the equinoxes and solstices, and will offer a great opportunity to see what I have been working on, but also to connect with other donut lovers. This months will be the first one, so I can’t say exactly what it will end up looking like. But I do know there will be dancing, probably some cool interactive treats in the topia yard, maybe some games…?

I’m so excited that it’s been almost a whole year of the Sex Toy Show & Tell, it’s been such a full year for me personally, having these regular events to help keep me in the practices is so important. Huge gratitude to everyone who has come so far. If you have, and would be willing to share some kind or inspiring words about the show & tell experience, I greatly appreciate it. Send me an email or a message through patreon.

Photo by Caleb Oquendo:

Donut Club Members also get a special discount code to use for eventbrite to get tickets to all my events including the sex toy show & tell. Get your tickets today and see the topia world in all it’s show and tell glory. The Show and Tell is 11 months running now, and I’ve found a stride with it, stoked to welcome new folks in world this friday.

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