Deep Winter, Dark Days Donut Party

Folks who attended my last show & tell (gifts & presence) alerted me to the fact that my microphone had taken some damage during the hubbub of moving. I looked it up and found that this issue (loose cord contact) with that type of mics was rather common, and watched a couple of videos of how to fix it. I tried, and it didn’t work as I had hoped. But, as Coco saw me struggling with this, she offered to get me a holiday gift, replacing my mic. As a result, I have a brand new mic to debut at the Donut Club ritual tomorrow evening.

I am excited to share the evening with the folks who support my work most closely, namely my chosen family and patreon supporters.

At the turning of the fall season, we had a really cute little gathering and I am excited to share a part of the longest night with you folks (including of course those who have joined my Patreon Donut club since the equinox.)

If you want to get a last minute invite to tomorrows ritual and gathering, join the donut club today.

And whether we mark it together or not, I do wish you and yours the very warmest of hearts through these dark cold days. We made it, the light will return, this is the last gestational stretch before the new sun returns ready to grow and expand every day out from here til summer. Take good care of yourselves and each other.

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