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Did you give/receive something pleasurable this gift season?

Whether you are more of a giver, or a receiver, you are welcome to come and Show & Tell with a group of other folks passionate about pleasure and the tools we use to facilitate it.

Each month we take a different focus- January is all about showing off presents; whether they were gifts from someone else or a treat we got for ourselves. If you scored something, made something, or gave something, whether a part of solstice, christmas, channuka or just capitalist sale season, this is your chance to come and show it off. There is space for those with lots of experience as much as folks with no experience, just curiosity.

The event is hosted in Topia, which is a social engagement platform where attendees can see and hear each other over video chat, but also have the opportunity to “move throughout the space”, allowing a more organic flow between conversations. It requires a chrome browser, headphones and a webcam. Test running topia before the event is recommended to make sure your technology is compatible.

Come and learn from others about toys & tools you may be curious about, and bring your own favourites to show + tell about. Vendors are welcome to share product and make connections with potential future clients, but this is not a sales expo, it is primarily for educational and community building purposes.

This is an adult only event and is hosted by Kori Doty, a sex educator with 10+ years experience and CC2 level training in Somatic Sex Education from the Institute of Somatic Sex Education.

Photo: Edward Soto, Unsplash

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