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Challenging Internalized Shame

Back in the day I had the privilege of practicing forum theatre under the direction of Anna Soole with a troupe that operated out of YouthCO. One of the impactful exercises that I have held on to all of these years was the ‘Cops In the Head’ work I did around my cannabis use. When this video came up in my tiktok feed last summer, it reminded me of this work.

As I am working on finding myself less enmeshed and dependent on the Meta(TM)verse, I am cross posting some content and reminding folks that following me here on my website or on Patreon are the best ways to stay connected to my work.

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  1. Hej du!

    I really like the Cops in my head! I am off to converse with mine. They might even move out now!

    Trust you are well. Love your website.

    Big hugs and love,
    Willo xx

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